Tricks and Treats Dog Training


Tricks and Treats Dog Training specialises in working with puppies on a one to one basis. 

We use fun games to help guardians build that essential bond so pup can get through life making the correct choices.

We offer a number of packages that are suitable for different training requirements that span the range of how to set up your home before puppy even comes home to what to do if your pup or new dog develops separation anxiety.

Most of our packages are "in person" - where your instructor will visit you and pup/older dog at home and you will complete the training with guidance in your home or local environment.


However, we have also had to adapt to the new way of working and are now offering online courses  and training challenges that you can complete at your own pace, or within a set time scale.  Some of these may also offer "Working Spots" - where you will get  live instruction from your trainer via online meetings and be able to send in video for reviews or "Auditor Spots" - where you can only view the content and not have any trainer guidance at all.

Don't forget our exclusively online Separation Anxiety packages too..  These programmes are available to everyone around the world and will help you build up your absences slowly and surely without your dog going into panic mode each time.